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- At first, you At present have nothing to attend;
- Secondly, you (as well as majority of people) love to receive something, (it is unimportant that  :)  ) Is charge-free;
- And thirdly, you have noted yourselves in army of "freebers", which totals millions..........

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About Free Services.......

    For those who did not collide with this term yet (strangely enough, such come across also individums), I explain:
     Free Stuff are everyones prizes from compact discs up to the cowards and shirts, which the person, by filling in the appropriate form, receives completely free of charge by mail ( for material free stuff) or on the WEB ( for everyones there e-mail or software ).

       Though, if you still read these lines, to you most likely on - drum what to receive and in what amounts if only to not pay..

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